Gardeners Knee Rest Coupons, Discount Codes

Gardeners Knee Rest

The next time you putter in the petunias, be sure to take a rest! This gardening kneeler is a padded metal knee rest that has painted tubular steel handles to make getting up and down easier. Has a comfy 3″ thick cushion. Gardening kneeler rest has protective leg caps so it won’t scratch floors when used indoors. Easy assembly. 17 3/4″ long x 11″ wide x 13 1/4″ high.

Padded metal;Painted tubular steel handles;Comfortable 3″ thick cushion;Protective leg caps;Easy assembly;

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Glass Watering Globes, Set of 6 Coupons, Discount Codes

Glass Watering Globes, Set of 6

Caring for your plants when you can’t, these bright glass globes provide continual hydration to keep thirsty plants thriving. Designed for indoor or outdoor potted plants, each decorative drip feeder releases enough water for approximately 2 weeks, depending on sun exposure and heat. Simply fill with water and insert into the soil, giving potted plants a decorative accent while assuring automatic watering. Instructions included. Set of 6. Each, approx. 6″ long.

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Mini Garden Spheres Set of 5 Coupons, Discount Codes

Mini Garden Spheres Set of 5

Designed with a reflective, mirrored finish, these mini garden spheres enhance the beauty of your landscape or home. Shimmering and shining in the sunlight, the miniature gazing balls add reflective interest to any surroundings, and are lovely when scattered around your garden, grouped together or displayed in a glass bowl or vase indoors. The durable miniature size garden globes are designed for outdoor or indoor use. Set of 5 includes 2 small (2″dia.), 2 medium (2 3/4″dia.) and 1 large (3 3/4″ dia.) spheres. Stainless steel. Photo may be enlarged to show detail.

Stainless steel; Set of 5; 2 small: 2" dia. each; 2 medium: 2 3/4" dia. each; 1 large 3 3/4" dia.

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No-Bend Weed Grabber Coupons, Discount Codes

No-Bend Weed Grabber

It had us at “no-bend”, and this ingenious no-bend weed grabber’s sharp 3-pronged head pulls even dandelions and other tough weeds with ease—roots and all! No need to bend, kneel, dig or struggle; simply push the weed remover’s all-terrain, 3-pronged head over weed, twist 360°, pull weed out, and push the quick-release button to eject weeds from prongs. Assembly required; instructions and hardware included with weed remover. Plastic, aluminum. 39″ long.

3-pronged head pulls tough weeds with ease; No need to bend or dig; Instructions and hardware included; 39″ long

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Portable Hose Caddy Coupons, Discount Codes

Portable Hose Caddy

Keep an unmanageable hose neatly coiled and ready to use with a portable hose caddy. Lightweight hose caddy holds up to 200′ of hose. Insert stake into ground near faucet; move as needed. Easy assembly; instructions are included. 38″ high. Supports hoses up to 200′ weighing up to 25 lbs.

Keeps a hose neatly coiled and ready to use;Lightweight hose caddy;holds up to 200′ of hose;Supports hoses up to 25 lbs;Easy assembly;

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Trellis Netting Coupons, Discount Codes

Trellis Netting

Flexible, heavy-duty nylon trellis netting has multiple uses in your yard or garden! Nylon trellis netting keeps produce off the ground to prevent rotting, maximizes garden space and gives climbing plants room to grow. Reach-through mesh makes it easy to tend to vegetables, tomatoes, flowers and vines. Strong 60-lb. strength nylon is 5′ x 15′. Produce healthier, more plentiful harvests…reap rewards earlier, too.

Made with heavy-duty nylon; 5′ x 15′; 60-lb. strength; Keeps produce off the ground to prevent rotting; Maximizes garden space and gives climbing plants room to grow

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All-in-One Weather Station Coupons, Discount Codes

All-in-One Weather Station

This all-in-one solar weather station features a decorative lantern, wind spinner, wind-direction indicator, Fahrenheit/Celsius thermometer, rain gauge and snow scale—all completely powered by the sun! A beautiful way to “go green” and utilize natural solar power, the durable home weather station stands 60″ high, accenting your landscape in classic style. Made of durable iron and plastic to resist outdoor conditions, its sturdy ground stake anchors easily in your yard (solar panel powers best in direct sunlight). Outdoor weather station includes rechargeable battery. Easy assembly.

Iron/plastic; 60" high; Weather-resistant; Rechargeable battery included; Easy assembly

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Weather Vane Center Coupons, Discount Codes

Weather Vane Center

Combining a classic weathervane, rain gauge and thermometer, this unique weather vane center forecasts weather with simple, easy-to-read accuracy. 14″ high weather vane spinner indicates wind direction and speed; thermometer notes Fahrenheit and Celsius readings; rain gauge measures in centimeters and inches. Weather stations for the home assemble easily without tools and simply stakes in ground. Plastic. 56″ high.

This unique weather vane center forecasts weather with easy-to-read accuracy; 14″ high weather vane spinner; Includes thermometer and rain gauge; Simply stakes in ground; 56″ high;

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Color Changing Sprinkler Coupons, Discount Codes

Color Changing Sprinkler

Water your lawn and WOW the neighbors with a kaleidoscope of bright shimmering hues—courtesy of this color-changing sprinkler! Featuring a rotating color element in its base, the garden sprinkler uses hydraulic power to illuminate its mist-like spray from within, creating a liquid light show in red, orange, blue and green. Best of all, the LED illumination is completely water-powered, so you won’t need wires, batteries or electricity. The gentle mist-like spray is safe for even delicate plants, and sprays up to 6’6″ high, covering an area almost 20′ in diameter. Using 30% less water than standard lawn sprinklers, the color-changing sprinkler fits most standard hoses. 4 1/2″ high sprinkler head, 6″ high ground stake (10 1/2″ high overall).

10 1/2″ H overall; Sprays up to 6’6″ H; Covers approx. 20′ in diameter; Uses 30% less water than standard sprinklers; Fits most standard hoses

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Weed Removing Hand Tool Coupons, Discount Codes

Weed Removing Hand Tool

Even tough, stubborn weeds are no match for this mighty weed removing tool! Featuring a sturdy plastic handle with ridged edges for a firm grip, its rounded stainless steel blade gets right in precisely cuts weeds—making it great for a crowded garden bed. And since you can see the weed extractor’s edges while working, it helps prevent damage to stems or roots of plants you don’t want to remove. Weed remover measures 3 1/2″ long x 2 1/4″ wide with 6 1/2″ long handle; 12″ long overall.

Stainless steel/plastic; 3 1/2" long x 2 1/4" wide with 6 1/2" long handle; 12" long overall

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