Garage Door Screen Coupons, Discount Codes

Garage Door Screen

This durable garage door screen turns your garage into a cool, comfy space—keeping insects out while allowing fresh air in. Great for parties, barbecues, yard sales and more, the garage screen door lets you utilize garage space for weatherproof shelter, a spare kitchen or beverage center … and makes any man’s garage “escape” cool and comfy! Installing quickly and easily, the nylon screen door for garage includes magnets, helping secure it in place while in use. Choose from single or double garage door sizes. Single (fits 83″ x 99″) or Double (fits 86″ x 194″).

Nylon; Single (fits 83" x 99") or Double (fits 86" x 194"); Built-in magnets; Easy installation

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Glow in the Dark Rope Coupons, Discount Codes

Glow in the Dark Rope

Glowing after charging in the light, this glow-in-the-dark rope makes tying up the fishing boat easy after dark, prevents campers from tripping over tent lines, is great for water sports, evening hikes, and your own backyard clothesline. Made of durable polypropylene, the all-purpose, lightweight rope floats in water and resists rot, mildew and chemical corrosion—offering years of durable use for home, boat or camper. 3/8″ wide x 50′ long.

Glow-in-the-dark; 3/8″ wide x 50′ long; Lightweight design floats in water; Resists rot and corrosion

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Head Stone Cleaner Coupons, Discount Codes

Head Stone Cleaner

Simply shake, spray and wipe this headstone cleaner to easily remove dirt, mold, moss and other debris. Leaves a protective Teflon finish to preserve and maintain the stone and inscription. Headstone Cleaner is ideal for granite, marble, concrete and natural stone. 8 fl. oz. Made in USA.

8 fl. oz.; Includes a teflon finish to preserve and maintain headstone and description; Ideal for a wide variety of headstone material; Made in USA

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Home & Gutter Flusher Coupons, Discount Codes

Home & Gutter Flusher

Attaching to your standard 5/8″ garden hose, this telescoping home & gutter flusher reaches over 7 feet and bends to the perfect angle—easily flushing away needles, twigs, leaves and debris from downspouts and gutters or cleaning home siding. Making home maintenance quick, safe and easy, the gutter cleaning tool extends from 48″ long to 86″ long, so there’s no need to risk climbing a dangerous ladder. Designed in durable plastic and brass, the gutter and home siding cleaner features padded grips for comfortable use. Some assembly required.

Plastic/brass; Extends from 48″ long to 86″ long; Padded grips; Attaches to a standard 5/8″ garden hose; Some assembly required

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Home Exterior Cleaning Pole Replacement Pads, Set of 3 Coupons, Discount Codes

Home Exterior Cleaning Pole Replacement Pads, Set of 3

Clean gutters, downspouts and siding while you keep both feet safely on the ground. This replacement set of pads for our home exterior cleaning pole includes 1 contoured foam pad that gently scrubs aluminum gutters, and 2 flat pads to remove dirt and stains from vinyl aluminum or wood siding. 10″ long x 5″ wide pads attach easily and securely with hook-and-loop fasteners.

Set of 3; 10″ long x 5″ wide each; 1 contoured foam pad; 2 flat pads; Attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners

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Magic Gutter Cleaning Bags Coupons, Discount Codes

Magic Gutter Cleaning Bags

Simply toss these Magic Gutter Cleaning bags onto the roof or right in the gutter to clean dirt and debris like MAGIC—saving you from a dangerous ladder climb and a whole lot of work! This gutter cleaning system is your mess-free, risk-free solution to cleaning gutters, thanks to a concentrated formula of ecological agents designed to break down leaves, mud, moss and clogs. Infused with a mix of soya flower, flax, rapeseed, sodium chloride and lithothamnium calcareum that’s activated by rain, the 2″ x 2 3/4″ gutter protection bags work with all types of gutters and rainwater recovery systems. Use 2 bags for every 30 feet of gutters (includes easy instructions).

Ecologically-friendly formula; Set of 2; 2″ x 2 3/4″ each; Activated by rainfall; Use 2 bags for every 30 ft. of gutters for best results

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Multi Tool Wrench with Personalized Case Coupons, Discount Codes

Multi Tool Wrench with Personalized Case

No challenge is too great for this compact multitasking whiz. The stainless steel multi-tool features a wrench that unfolds to reveal a knife, bottle opener, can opener, three screwdrivers, fisher scaler and LED light. Perfect for camping, fishing, or stowing away in the car for emergencies. The elegant, high quality tool comes in a monogrammed nylon storage case. Specify up to 3 initials. Measures 1 3/4” wide by 6″ long. Please allow an additional 2 to 3 days for personalized items.

Made with stainless steel; 1 3/4” wide by 6″ long; Includes a nylon storage case; Unfolds to reveal 8 additional tools

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Rolling Grass Edger Coupons, Discount Codes

Rolling Grass Edger

Armed with a sharp, smooth-rolling wheel that cuts through grass and sod with ease, this rolling grass edger helps trim edges of paved walks, patios and driveways. Featuring sturdy steel construction for durability, the yard edger features two wide rubber-grip handles at varied heights, helping you maintain control and comfort while you spruce up your landscape. Taking up minimal storage space in shed or garage, the 44″ long lawn edger features 6″ dia. wheel and two 4 1/2″ long handles.

Steel; 44" long; 6" dia. wheel; 4 1/2" long handles; Rubber grips

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Telescopic Gutter Brush Coupons, Discount Codes

Telescopic Gutter Brush

Extending a full 6 feet, this telescopic gutter brush lets you reach and clean gutters with both feet safely on the ground. Its sturdy aluminum pole extends from 38″ long to 74″ long, while flexible-head brush angles in to efficiently remove leaves, twigs and debris. Helping you easily clean gutters to prevent clogs and potential water damage, the telescopic brush helps keep your home safe … keeping you safely off the ladder! Gutter cleaning brush measures 6 1/2″ wide x 74″ long; collapses to less than 36″ for storage.

Aluminum; 6 1/2″ wide x 74″ long; collapses to less than 36″; Efficiently removes debris from gutters

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