Flip Glasses Coupons, Discount Codes

Flip Glasses

These flip glasses have sun-blocking, glare-blocking lenses that flip down over regular eyewear—so you won’t have to keep switching specs! The high-definition flip shade lenses enhance color and clarity, providing UVA/UVB protection by day or reducing headlight glare while driving at night. Simply flip lenses up when not in use, and skip the hassle of pushing sunglasses on your head, carrying a pair in your pocket, or spending a fortune on prescription sunglasses. Choose from clear or brown flip sunglasses for daytime use or yellow-tinted glasses for enhanced nighttime driving. Specify color: brown, clear or night. Designed for men and women, all 3 colors provide full wrap-around protection, fitting comfortably over most eyeglasses.

UVA/UVB protection by day; Reduces headlight glare at night; Simple flip design; For men or women

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Gas Cap Removal Tool Coupons, Discount Codes

Gas Cap Removal Tool

Fitting right over your vehicle’s gas cap plate, this handy gas cap grip provides easy grip from most any angle, offering the leverage needed to easily open and close your gas cap. Great for drivers with arthritis, hand injury or limited strength, the sturdy plastic cap opener includes two universal adapters to accommodate most vehicles. Gripping tool measures 7″ long x 3″ wide x 3 1/2″ high.

7″ L x 3″ W x 3 1/2″ H; Fits over most gas caps with 3 slots for placement at any angle; Long handle provides extra leverage; Includes universal adapters for use on most vehicles

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Over-the-Seat Organizer with Cooler Coupons, Discount Codes

Over-the-Seat Organizer with Cooler

Keeping sandwiches or drinks chilled in its zip-close insulated cooler, this over-the-seat organizer with cooler also features one large mesh pocket for additional snacks, cell phone, maps, pens, sunglasses and other essentials. Two side mesh bottle pockets keep beverages handy, and a tissue box holder at the bottom allows easy access and dispensing. An adjustable buckled strap makes it easy to attach this handy seat organizer to front seat headrest supports—keeping your car tidy, while keeping you well stocked for comfortable travel. Durable polyester; spot clean. Car organizer measures 9 1/2″ long x 10 1/2″ wide.

Polyester; 9 1/2" long x 10 1/2" wide; Adjustable buckled strap; Spot clean

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