Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop S/3 Coupons, Discount Codes

Stainless Steel Cookie Scoop S/3

Great for cookie dough and so much more, these stainless steel cookie scoops shape perfect, uniform portions in 3 different sizes. Releasing dough with the quick squeeze of a spring-loaded handle, they make it easy to form perfect round balls for cookie dough, meatballs, melon and more. Each metal scoop also works great for scooping heavy batter into muffin tins, and serve ice cream and sorbet with ease. Set of 3 cookie dough scoops includes small (1 1/2″ dia.), medium (2″ dia.) and extra large (2 1/2″ dia.) scoops. Stainless steel; hand wash.

Made with durable stainless steel; Set of 3; Spring-loaded handle releases dough with a quick squeeze; Hand wash

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Stainless Steel Copper Mixing Bowls Set of 3 Coupons, Discount Codes

Stainless Steel Copper Mixing Bowls Set of 3

Mix cookie dough, whip cream or toss and serve salads in these elegant stainless steel copper mixing bowls. Designed in durable stainless steel with polished interiors and an attractive copper finish, the durable, yet lightweight copper bowls take on a variety of everyday tasks in style. Rolled rims provide neat, drip-free pouring, and the trio nests together for space-saving storage. Freezer and dishwasher safe. Set of 3 metal mixing bowls includes 1.5-qt., 3-qt. and 5-qt. mixing bowls.

Stainless Steel; Set of 3; Copper finish; Nests for storage; Dishwasher safe

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Tiny Measure Cup Coupons, Discount Codes

Tiny Measure Cup

Looks and feels like a shot glass, but it’s really a glass, mini measuring cup. It’s marked in teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces and milliliters, for measuring vanilla extract, milk and liqueurs. Liquid measuring cup maximum quantity: 1 oz. or 2 tbsp. The teaspoon measuring cup makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for good cooks. 2 3/8″ wide x 1 7/8″ high.

Real glass; Marked in teaspoons tablespoons ounces and milliliters; Maximum quantity is 1 oz. or 2 tbsp; 2 3/8″ wide x 1 7/8″ high

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Slice & Serve Cake Squeeze Coupons, Discount Codes

Slice & Serve Cake Squeeze

This flexible slice & serve cake squeeze makes it easy to slice and serve perfect cake every time—using just one hand! No need to touch cake or frosting, and no more plopping desserts sideways onto plates. Simply press the cake server into your cake, squeeze gently and lift—then lightly release your grip and set your perfect slice neatly onto plate. Great for serving cake at weddings, showers, birthday parties and church potlucks, it’s also perfect for everyday use or picnics (and safe for kids, since it’s designed without sharp blades). In green plastic; dishwasher safe. Cake cutter measures 10″ L x 2″ W.

Plastic; 10" L x 2" W; Mess-free use; Dishwasher safe

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Spice Measuring Spoons Coupons, Discount Codes

Spice Measuring Spoons

Looking for the ideal gadget for measuring spices? These cleverly designed spice measuring spoons are narrow, so even the tablespoon will slip neatly into small spice containers. Our spice spoons are heavyweight, too, 18/8 stainless steel (much heavier than you’d expect), dishwasher safe, with 4″ long handles and at a great price. Set of stainless measuring spoons includes 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 3/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon, 1/8 teaspoon.

Made with heavyweight 18/8 stainless steel; Each measuring spoon has a 4″ long handle; Narrow design to accommodate small spice containers; Dishwasher safe

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Stainless Steel Bird Citrus Juicer Coupons, Discount Codes

Stainless Steel Bird Citrus Juicer

When you need a seedless spritz of fresh lemon or lime for veggies, fish or a glass of iced tea, a quick press from this stainless steel bird citrus juicer makes it easy! Simply place a slice of citrus in the citrus press—then squeeze and pour fresh, seedless juice from the little bird’s beak-like spout. Citrus squeezer measures 4 1/2″ L x 1 1/2″ W x 3/4″ H. Hand wash.

Stainless steel; 4 1/2" L x 1 1/2" W x 3/4" H; Hand wash

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Aluminum Burger Press Coupons, Discount Codes

Aluminum Burger Press

Adjusting from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ thick and anything in between, this aluminum burger press with adjustable thickness shapes made-to-order patties—pleasing everyone at the table! Whether you prefer diner-style thin or beefed-up thick, the adjustable burger patty press renders a perfect 4 1/2″ diameter, bun-size patty, uniformly shaped for even cooking. Simply add a ball of ground meat (beef, turkey, sausage) and adjust the burger maker’s presser plate to desired thickness. Non-stick coating offers easy release, keeping burgers intact. Heavy-duty aluminum hamburger patty maker is dishwasher safe. 7″ long x 4″ high.

Made with durable aluminum; 7″ long x 4″ high; Makes 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ thick patties with 4 1/2″ diameters; Spring-loaded pusher and non-stick coating offer easy release; Dishwasher safe

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Nylon Skimmer Coupons, Discount Codes

Nylon Skimmer

Durable, heat-resistant and easy to clean, this nylon skimmer’s perforated head quickly removes large or small items from soups and stocks, and is perfect for lifting foods from hot oil or boiling water. A must for any kitchen, the sleek black kitchen skimmer is dishwasher safe. 14 1/2″ long x 7″ wide.

Made with durable nylon; 14 1/2″ long x 7″ wide; Perforated head removes large or small items from soups and stocks; Dishwasher safe

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Crunchy Nests Multi-Use Sifter Coupons, Discount Codes

Crunchy Nests Multi-Use Sifter

These smart Crunchy Nests multi-use sifters clip together for deep frying crunchy nests … or work individually for multiple sifting and straining tasks. Simply place grated or julienned potatoes in the bottom sifter and press the top one down to shape a nest while deep frying. Your impressive fried nests will be perfect for serving creamed chicken, tuna, vegetables and more. Both fine mesh cooking sieves also work individually for sifting flour, dusting desserts with powdered sugar, straining stock and sauces, even grabbing food from a boiling pot without burning your hands. Set includes 2 stainless steel baking sifters. 10 1/2″ long. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel; Set of 2; 10 1/2" long each; Fine mesh sieves; Dishwasher safe

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Oil Strainer Coupons, Discount Codes

Oil Strainer

Oil strainer stores cooking oil to fry food again. You don’t have to throw out oil after just one use. Cooking oil strainer separates impurities from oil; handy lid secures contents for reuse. Convenient spout makes pouring and reheating oil a snap! Aluminum oil strainer pot is dishwasher safe; 5″ H x 5″ dia. size holds 32 oz.

Separates impurities from oil;Lid secures contents for reuse;Spout makes pouring and reheating oil easy;Dishwasher safe;Holds 32 oz;

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